Races - Races

Welcome to the races that you have discovered or read about. There are more.


  • Arachs

    Beings that reside inside the Belly of the Beast.
  • Chantet

    An ancient race of metalworkers. Not much is known about them.
  • Conduits

    Beings who are born in the image of The One.
  • Decipede

    A race of powerful four armed, six legged creatures who excel at physical labor, combat, and climbing.
  • Dregs

    Sterile, dull folk who lead average lives at best.
  • Dwarves

    A hearty race of beings that are short, thick, and prone to drinking, fighting, and the Underground.
  • Elves

    Elves take many forms but tend to be among the most friendly and accepting of other races. Except goblins.
  • Fairies

    Fairies are playful beings that excel are using magic and being very demanding.
  • Fluent

    A race of moth-like creatures that are highly intelligent and multi-lingual.
  • Goblins

    Goblins make up one of the most common races seen on Vita Petrum.
  • Kah'lek

    These creatures come from some other place that is currently unknown.
  • Mindless

    Undead that have lost all control and are simply mindless.
  • Reborn

    These are Dregs that have been reborn with a startling power and awareness.
  • The Deceivers

    The second race of beings ever created by The One.
  • The Favored

    The first race of beings ever created by The One.
  • Unliving

    These undead are able to continue to function as members of society in one way or the other.

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