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Player Characters


  • Angie

    Pirate queen of the skies.
  • Annie Hastur

    A small girl who carries a teddy bear around with her.
  • Apolla Presston

    The direct assistant to Shooter and Flash.
  • Ash Beckun

    A man who has a unique fighting style that was rescued by the Heroes of Haventon.
  • Ashen Bloodknuckle

    A young and wild Conduit who Iris met in Freeleaf.
  • Ballista

    A hyperactive female spellblade who uses an auto loading crossbow and protects Blanket with her life.
  • Barnes Coop

    Old man who keeps chickens and serves what he can.
  • Bartholomew

    A mage who trained with Drax Knee at Fort Phoenix for a short time.
  • Blanket

    A quiet, large man who spends his time helping others and curing their ailments.
  • Brazix

    A large burly man who is friendly to those in the village.
  • Brick Leatherfoot

    The reluctant mayor of Haventon.
  • Chariss

    A dragon that grew up in the care of Frentik and loves him unconditionally.
  • Chartruce

    A recruiter for Gangplank who has a fiery temper.
  • Courier

    A man who delivers fliers about the Counterspell Corps.
  • Dolby

    Reportedly the inventor of surround sound.
  • Drax Knee

    The legendary Conduit who turned around the takeover of Lexcorp following the Great Collision.
  • Emmet

    The man who helped develop Brickmagic as it is known today.
  • Flamma

    Fire haired conduit who frequently puts herself at risk to help others who cannot help themselves.
  • Flash Techsin

    The quiet nerdier brother of Shooter who prefers to stay in the background.
  • Forge

    A sturdy dwarf blacksmith who trained under the storied Grumps.
  • Former

    A man who is said to argue with his own shadow.
  • Frederick

    A man who prefers to be drunk as often as possible, and he also does other stuff too!
  • Frentik

    A wildly powerful and vicious wielder of otherworldly artifacts.
  • Frigid Coldsnap

    Worshipper of Winter who is tasked with walking the first floor.
  • Gamblino

    A man who travels around looking for 'customers' looking to gamble with their gold for prizes.
  • Gangplank

    The notorious pirate who runs a large block of BS with ruthless tendencies.
  • Grumps

    An old dwarf who forges fantastic weapons and armor...for the right price.
  • Karra Doppler

    Karra is a long lived, highly talented dwarf of exceptional determination.
  • Kitsu

    A seductive Conduit who is married to Drax Knee.
  • Lilla

    A female gorilla fighter that is allied with Drax Knee.
  • Lord Lightrain

    The most powerful known user of Light alive.
  • Lump

    A sad troll that keeps his home in a cave near Treetop Village.
  • Magnetia

    One of Miss Fortunes trusted handlers, she is a quite and stoic character who remains quiet when possible.
  • Mama Blacktree

    The large woman that runs the Wet Willies in Blacktree Grove.
  • Miss Fortune

    The most well known Bounty Hunter on the continent, Miss Fortune calls Bilgewater her home and Angie her sister.
  • Narita

    The cousin of Iris who is quite capable with her bow, Windfellow.
  • Ol' Henry

    The horse that cannot be stopped.
  • Paladin Frentik

    An alternate version of Dark Frentik who has come attempting to stop Dark Frentik.
  • Pally Fatefinder

    A paladin of Fate adventuring in the World Eaters Maw.
  • Pixie Flash

    An attractive but shy and quiet girl working at the Temple of Light.
  • Pockets

    The son of Pouches, and he follows quietly in his fathers footsteps.
  • Pouches

    An extremely well known and skilled thief.
  • Pouchette

    The loving wife of Pouches, and a magnetic personality herself.
  • Purses

    The daughter of Pouches, but she takes more after her mother.
  • Ragnor

    A Reborn who promised allegiance to Drax Knee years ago and has continued to keep his promise.
  • Rokkit

    The rocket-powered female mail robot.
  • Sally Slimpoint

    Bricks very capable assistant.
  • Sanchez Hat

    A curiously mexican accented vocal hat which Iris has been cursed with.
  • Sawyer

    A man who was touched by the WE and lived to tell the tale.
  • Septim Dwarfkin

    A kind human blacksmith who trained with dwarves in the Mirage Mountains for his apprenticeship.
  • Shade Twins

    Two sisters who are exceptionally skilled in acquiring their targets.
  • Shifty Fingers

    The best friend of Iris and a hothead when it comes to most things.
  • Shine Lowlight

    A young man who serves at the Temple of Light in Haventon.
  • Shooter Techsin

    The man who used to be in front of the camera but now runs Player 1 News Corp. with his brother.
  • Shovel Knight

    An armored knight who wields a sharpened shovel with remarkable success.
  • Silence

    An excellent assassin who seems incapable of producing sound.
  • Sinder Conduitson

    A man who seems to wield the power of Conduits and religion?
  • Sir Willing

    A capable knight who roams the land looking to help others.
  • Special T

    The proud and sole owner of Special T's Specialties Special Teas.
  • Squire Able

    Sir Willing might be so confident because he knows Able will always be there to assist.
  • Stifle

    An old underling of Angie's who has moved onto more business-like ventures.
  • Stripes

    An Unliving in a pinstriped suit that seems to enjoy stalking his victims.
  • Superman

    An incredibly powerful being who has seemingly endless energy provided by the Sun.
  • Tara Presston

    A low level story assigner on Newsliner 1.
  • Taskmaster

    An exceptionally competent warrior who can copy any fighting style he has encountered.
  • Tender

    The emotionally sensitive bartender and owner of Leftovers.
  • Tide Lightrain

    The son of Lord Lightrain, and always in his shadow.
  • Toronto

    A traveling saleswoman who frequents the Monochrome Woods.
  • Vaxim

    A quiet, well dressed man with unknown motivations.
  • Zazix

    The brother of Brazix who is unhappy Iris damaged the outside of his container.


  • After Dark

    A group that seems to be aiming for the downfall of the Dark Religion.
  • Black Edge

    A highly secretive organization of assassins.
  • Boozers

    A group of people who gather together to celebrate the joys of alcoholic beverages.
  • Counterspell Corps

    A group of generally average, but some fantastic, mages who specialize in counterspells and group counterspells.
  • Flagellating Monks

    A group of monks who constantly bleed themselves or their fellow monks in service of their master.
  • Guild of Potion Makers

    A guild of failed or retired adventurers, average mages, and the occasional prodigy who have decided to make potions for a living.
  • Men in Black

    A shadowy group of enforcers dressed in black suits.
  • Outsiders

    Beings that were not born of this world.
  • Sky Pirates

    A ragtag group of mercenaries that rule the skies in the lady leader Angie's flagship.
  • Spacers

    A group of mercenaries that ally together in one common zone.
  • Spellweapons

    An elite group of warmages who specialize in spell enhanced weapon attacks.
  • The Band

    A group of super powered musicians who use music to change the world.
  • The Law

    Folk who attempt to enforce the Common and local laws.
  • Valkyries

    Guardians and enforcers of The One.

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