Gods - Gods


  • Cheimon

    A calm and collected god of Winter who strives to preserve balance among seasons.
  • Cibi

    A being seemingly comprised only of hatred for the light and all those that worship it.
  • Golem

    A slow but extremely resilient god who just wants to be left alone to enjoy the quiet feel of the moving earth.
  • Israfil

    A god seemingly made of the cosmos and no one really knows what it wants.
  • Leviathan

    A large god who would prefer all the gods stayed in their orbs and didn't cause commotion.
  • Theros

    One of the gods of Summer, Theros is known by some to be male and female when the desire strikes.
  • Vecna

    A god who enjoys undeath in its various forms.
  • World Eater

    An incredibly large creature that crashed into the planet causing massive destruction.
  • Xiaodi

    An angry molten god who despises the living and wishes to transform the plane into one of molten rock and fire.

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