Bestiary - Bestiary


  • Fangwaln

    Large, many horned creatures found primarily in the desert. Ridden by a mysterious tribe in the desert.
  • Feasters

    A collection of creatures that all come from inside the World Eater and seem to work together.
  • Frogtopus

    A hybrid of two creatures, this frog-like creature has octopus-like suckers on many of its limbs.
  • Karnaghast

    A massive creature rumored to be created by the mad priest Saint Goddard.
  • Razorfin

    A cross between a shark and a rat, not something you want to come across at any point.
  • Slewgoo

    Slimes, goops, gelatinous shapes, jellies, and all assortment of slimy things are colloquially called Slewgoo.
  • Stirge

    A flying pest that tends to strike the weak, distracted, or feeble en masse.

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