Vita Petrum

Vita Petrum

Player's Handbook - for rules and character creation information

Player's Spreadsheets - for skills, feats, cantrips and other things

Trembling Lands Map - where all of the current campaigns take place

Atlas - Locations such as: Cities, Landmarks, Temples, Businesses, and various other places you can visit.

Bestiary - All of the monstrous creatures that live on the planet.

Gods - All of the gods that have revealed themselves.

History - The past and present history that has been uncovered.

Local Customs and Technology - Interesting things about certain areas, or my world in general. Includes: Badges, minigames.

People - Includes: NPCs, Player Characters, and Groups.

Races - The races that inhabit the planet.

Religions - The religions that are currently being worshiped or known about.


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