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Sully is a cursed man who travels the county, hiding from his past and torn between his curse and the inexplicable comfort he finds in it. 


Unkempt yet handsome, with bright blue eyes. To the casual eye, Sully's clothing looks to be nothing more than rags, but a careful observer might notice the intricate thread work, or highborn materials that mark the clothing as noble garb. He has a hollow, lost look in his eyes, which dart about constantly, always alert to others who may be watching him. A faded scar, hidden beneath the collar of his shirt, is all that remains of the gash from which he contracted lycanthropy. 

Sully's Tale


Cautious, confident, and secretive. Sully is always listening, and watching, those around him, alert for any signs they may suspect him. Despite his rough appearance, he holds himself regally, and, when he chooses to, speaks with the confidence of a learned person. He reveals little of himself in conversation, however, and prefers silent observation. His tendency to ask others of their past, coupled with his taciturn nature regarding his own, can cause him to seem a bit shady. 


Protect his family name, and restore what was taken from him. “Sully” is an alias chosen by Randall, first born son of Randolph, to shield his noble family from the shame of his curse. He is seeking information that can help him be free of the curse, but subconsciously sabotages these efforts as he grows more comfortable with the affliction. 


Eavesdropping. Sully has turned his quest for information into a penchant for listening to all nearby conversations.  This habit causes him to pick up plenty of local gossip.


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