Highhouse Yroden - Tribal Village

Highhouse Yroden
  • Parent: Clan Vasi
  • Population: 200 (150 farmers, 50 warriors)
  • Exports: Yroden oxmead

Highhouse Yroden is located near the eastern edge of Clan Vasi lands. Built atop a great, rocky bluff, the village enjoys a commanding view of the surrounding countryside for miles in all directions. It is protected by steep cliffs on three sides, and a palisade of wooden spikes on the fourth. Yroden is famous for its wily and cunning leader, and its exceptional oxmead.


Most of Yroden’s structures are wood or brick, with thatch roofs. Scattered among the longhouses are a few smaller dwellings, including two outside the palisade. As is true of most Northland villages, Yroden’s community center is its great hall. The Great Hall of Yroden is an impressive structure, bearing two of the three tusks Gantar took from the threehorn he killed in his middle years. There are no inns or taverns in Yroden. Visitors stay with their relatives, friends, or in the great hall.

Daily Life

A typical day varies drastically by class.

Warrior spend most days hunting, before returning to the highhouse near sunset to spend their evening in the great hall feasting, drinking, and listening to the skald recount tales of past and present bravery. They also spend considerable hours in training, which may consist of drills, target practice, and the like, but more often involves games and challenges between competing warriors. A favorite challenge of the youngest generation is a race to the bottom of the bluff, down the sheer cliff! 

The common folk have a quieter life. Most have a skill they offer the village, such as the seamstress, leatherworker, or smith. Children look after the animals kept in pens under the longhouses, and often spend time playing at being warriors. Of course when the hunters return there are animals to process, meals to cook, and wounds to dress. This last is typically overseen by Oga, the village's wise woman, or her apprentice Goodwife Tonna. 


The men and women of Highhouse Yroden venerate the Goddess as a great hero and protector of the valley, but it is to the spirits of their ancestors whom they offer prayers. The village's shrine is filled with tiny carvings made in honor of these departed souls, and at all hours of the day townsfolk can be found there praying. 


  • Gantar Threehorn

    Gantar is a cunning leader who values wits over force and excels at games of strategy.
  • Kaiya Blackmoore

    Kaiya is a simple priestess who seeks to understand her past as she begins to forge a new future.
  • Thora

    Thora is a quiet, reasoned woman with a graceful poise and eternal beauty who enjoys oratory and music.
  • Tonna


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