In the high oaks of Zaran Wood dwell the Eldrinael Elves. They make their homes in the trees and welcome few outsiders. Often misunderstood, Eldrinael are not evil, but can be harsh in the execution of their self-appointed role as guardians of the natural world.  


Eldrinael see themselves as guardians of nature, serving the Goddess side-by-side with her Servants, and resent and reject the intrusion of civilization within Zaran Wood. 

  • Amore: Through the years there have been too many bloody clashes between the Eldrinael and Amoreans for friendship to exist between them. Instead the city-dwellers find Zaran Wood to be an unfriendly destination. Eldrinael hold a special disdain for their elven brethren that choose to abandon nature and dwell in the cities of "humanity."
  • Northlands: Little interaction between these peoples occurs, but Eldrinael respect the simple life, close to nature, of the tribes. 
  • Ptah: A begrudging respect exists between the dwarves of Ptah and the Eldrinael elves, who recognize these dwarves stand nearly alone against the savage hordes to the south. The halflings are received warmly, as brothers to Eldrinael. A cool relationship possessed of suspicion and hesitation exists with the gnomes of Ptah. 


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