Celltar Drumthunder - m, human

Celltar Drumthunder

Celltar sells songs and lies liberally as he wanders the world fleeing a week’s honest work.


Shaven, beautiful and blue. Neat and trimmed, Celltar looks upon the world through brilliant blue eyes, eyes that match both his dress and the barding of his great white stallion. He travels the world in style upon his perfumed stallion, never staying long in one place. Women compare all others to his beauty, the splendor of which can drive men to a fighting rage.

Celltar's Tale


Lazy, liar, and showman. A showman through-and-through, Celltar puts effort into exactly two things: his appearance and his music. Beyond that, he always has a lazy scheme behind his charm, focusing on short cons as he lacks attention for greater endeavors. 


To have everything without effort. Celltar has no stomach for long-term planning, reacting to events as his impulses dictate. He stumbles from simple crime to the next mark, so far managing to keep one step ahead of the ruin he often leaves in his wake. Anyone that talks to him long enough will hear tale of the epic ballad he dreams of writing, a ballad he means to begin soon. 


Drinking. Celltar loves drinking, and is rarely seen without a mug of ale in one hand. He's a practiced, and happy, drunk and rarely does a performance suffer for his lack of sobriety. 


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