In the northern central valley, clustered around Lake Crisar and the nearby grasslands, is the Kingdom of Amore, home to the city-dwelling Amoreans. Amoreans include people descended from those that fought with Amore Delith at the Seven Days Battle and recent immigrants to the valley from the outside world. Nearly all races imaginable can be found among the Armoreans including humans, gnomes, halflings, half-orcs, even a smattering of more unusual races such as dragonkin. In many cases, Armoreans have no formal relationship with their racial kin living outside Amore, such as the Eldrinael Elves who disdain their city-dwelling counterparts and the Northland tribes who look upon the Amorean humans as weak.


Amoreans are a truly good-hearted people that wish for little more than peace and prosperity for all. 

  • Eldrinael: Most Amoreans fail to understand the hostility they face from Eldrinael elves. A misunderstanding rooted in the clash of two different world-views: the one grounded in civilization and technology and the other in nature and contentment.
  • Northlands: Despite numerous attempts, the Northland tribes rebuff Amorean overtures of friendship. Many Amoreans see the Northlanders are barbarians, out of touch with the 'modern' world, while the Northlanders tend to view Amoreans as weak and soft. 
  • Ptah: All peoples of Ptah are warmly received by Amoreans. A special respect is afforded the dwarves, who pay with their very lives for the peace Amore enjoys. 

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