Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings
  • Owner: Nyarlathotep
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Updated:
  • Elevation: 7,000 feet above sea level

Steeped in history and isolated from the larger world, the Valley of the Kings has become a microcosm of the outer world. A lonely, little-used pass, far to the north, provides the only means of egress through sheer rock cliffs and rugged mountains slopes that ring the valley. Here, a narrow, twisting passageway descends precipitously to the plains thousands of feet below. 

The Wardens


A combination of factors, including its isolation and elevation, combine to create a climate that, while generally temperate, is subject to sudden, extreme shifts. This occurs most often with wide swings in temperature between day and night.

  • Winter nights are bitterly cold and can dip as low as -30°F while the days are comfortable and surprisingly warm, with temperatures as high as 40°F. Sudden storms make winter more difficult and severe blizzards are not uncommon.
  • The spring thaw breaks the harsh nighttime temperatures with days remaining comfortable, usually in the 50°-60°F range. Snowfall and blizzards are uncommon but severe rain and hail is not and flash floods are a real danger at this time, particularly along the western valley rim.
  • Summer ushers in hot days and cool nights with temperatures rising as high as 90°F and low as 60°F. Rain is sparse but violent bringing severe thunder or hailstorms.
  • Autumn is perhaps the best of times in the valley. The oppressive summer heat has left but the bitter winter cold has yet to set in. Rain and snow are infrequent at the worst of times and the northern coniferous forests are brilliantly colored. 


Nearly all races can be found somewhere in the valley. The northern half is peopled by 'civilized' folk while the southern reaches are given over to the wild or controlled by savage races. 

  • Amoreans

    Amoreans are renowned for their kindness and mercy and include representatives of all races.
  • Eldrinael

    The elves of Eldrinael proudly stand apart, keepers and guardians of the pristine places of the valley.
  • Northlanders

    Rugged, violent, and insular, the Northland tribes live off the land and violently fight for their territories.
  • Ptah

    The peace-loving Ptah include halflings, dwarves, and gnomes that live in the valleys grasslands and low mountains.


  • Kingdom of Amore

  • Compassion. Mercy. Understanding. These are the principles upon which Amore was founded and those it clings to still.
    1. Eastdale
  • Kingdom of Eldrinael

  • Mysterious. Reserved. Fierce. The Eldrinael Elves stand apart and watch over the wild places of the valley.
  • Northland Tribes

  • Wild. Rugged. Insular. The Northlanders are an independant and insular people that welcome few outsiders.
  • Ptah Alliance

  • Welcoming. Stalwart. Longsuffering. The Ptah Alliance is best known for its warm, friendly peoples and everlasting vigil over the southern reaches.

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