The oral histories say that we were all created because of the imagination of the first god, the Free Man. 

The Free Man and the Gift of Imagination

The world of Uerth was once completely different. The people suffered from war, disease, starvation, and committed unimaginable atrocities against one another. The gods came down and granted us many gifts so that we may live happy lives. The first god, the Free Man, granted the other gods the power of creativity and imagination, and thus brought our world into being.

The Gatekeeper and the Gift of Magic

The Gatekeeper granted us with the gift of magic. We could now heal the sick and wounded. We were stronger and faster. We could recover from wounds faster even without actively trying to heal our injuries. We could mold the elements and harness their power to do our bidding. The gift of magic innately granted a longer life to the creatures of our world. The magic coursing through our bodies, empowered us to live simpler lives.

The Aperture and the Nasty One and the Gift of Never Ending Light

The Aperture and the Nasty One broke the veil between the lands granting never ending light to the land of darkness. The plants and creatures of the world would no longer have to fear the darkness and its mysterious dangers. The never ending light gave us the ability to produce more food from our farms as well as it being the power source of our magic.

The Tasty One and the Gift of Eternal Lands

The Tasty One took to the skies and cracked the great eggs. She took the yolks and used them to stretch our land into eternity. Never again would wars need be fought over land and resources. The world was for all. Mixed with the power of magic, we could mold the land to our bidding, given enough time.

The Hundred-Eyed God and the Gift of History

The Hundred-Eyed God granted us access to his knowledge, so that we may always be able to recount our history and never be tempted to repeat it. Our lineages and our time on Uerth would be preserved in the Web of our World to show that we are all as equally important in the eyes of the gods. Those who don't believe in the gods, tend to call the Web of our World, the "Archives."


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