The World Of Amorloda

The World Of Amorloda

     The world of Amorloda is a world pulling itself from the wreckage of the past, a time when men could achieve godlike powers though the gift of sorcery and forge dictator states, imposing their will on the masses. To fight these rising threats, the elven nations own Demigod-like Sorcerer Kings created weapons and altered creatures in a never ending arms race with the chaotic human nations, while the Dwarves hid behind their mountains, ever desperate to stave off the predations of the human Sorcerer Kings. Nothing the elves did could stem this tide of chaos, as human men and woman would spring from humble origins, endowed with the magic of creation, and burn themselves out at such a frightening rate, that all the elven nations could do is defend themselves from these capricious warlords.
    Though the era of the Sorcerer Kings is gone, their actions still define the modern world. Amorloda and its people were shaped by these Demigod like powers, their borders and cultures influenced by the capricious whims of mortal men possessed of godlike magical power. The ‘center” of the known world is the civilized continent of Arlose, long purged of the sinister Were-Wood by the now dead Sorcerer Kings. Arlose hangs in a precarious balance, its nations forging a tenuous peace centered on the neutral city state of Victoria. Arlose, with its many distinct nations, is a place of intrigue and adventure.
    The vast distances isolating these nations no longer exist due to the city state of Victoria and its Grand Line, a series of teleportation sites under their control. The civilized world is now unified by this network of teleportation sites, plundered from the remains of the defeated elven nations. The remnants of the shattered elven empire still linger. These rogue floating islands are held aloft by the power of the last few Sorcerer Kings, now known as the Entombed, due to their permanent and confining link to the lands they rule. Grab your casting chalk, ready your sword and watch your back, Amorloda is waiting...


Seven Things That Distinguish The Setting


  • Nearly all great powers were once mortal

Be it the were witches of the savage continent of Tharatar, the Sorcerer Kings of the past, the elven Entombed of today, too the very gods themselves. All these potent individuals have one thing in common, they were all once mortal beings like you and I. From where will the next world shaping power come? No one knows.

  • Magic and its control defines the world

Magic is the single most powerful source of change in the modern world. Long forgotten tracts of land twisted by magics, the Sorcerer stones, modern magical colleges, ancient laboratories, creatures that linger from the time of the Sorcerer Kings, and myriad relics from the past. These are just some of the reminders of the power for lasting change magic can have in the world.

  • The wilderness is sentient and predatory

Once the whole world was dominated by the malevolent wilderness areas known as the Were Wood. Vast, naturally occurring areas suffused in enervating magics, enhancing the evolutionary process in ways, and at speeds unheard of on other worlds.Though in no way is this ancient force gone, it has become a fading memory in the civilized lands. But One must always be vigilant, as the rulers of these fecund forests covet the lands they lost so long ago.

  • The gods are new

Though hundreds of belief systems, cults of personality, and gods have been worshiped throughout the history of Amorloda, none of these religions offered proof, none of the gods answered prayers. That is until the ascended prophets. One thousand years ago seven individuals were enveloped in a pulse of light that left the land around them twisted and changed and these men and women gone. After this event people started getting visions and dreams from them describing ways that one could access the power they now swam in. Now enlightened individuals wielding intricate Tattoos can access the power of the Divine. Though the teachings of the ascended are widely taught in the dwarven freeholds, in the rest of the world these miracle workers are not well known or understood. Even amongst themselves these “clerics of thought” vary in beliefs, each following different tenants and favoring a different mix of the ascended prophet's teachings.

  • The commerce of magic is important

Discovers made in recent years have brought many conveniences to ease the lives of the common people. New magical Runes of Imbuing offer amenities such as light, refrigeration, heat, and pure drinking water, but at a cost. The scarcity of the alchemical reagents and specialty goods needed in the creation of magical chalk drives both the economy and politics of the nations of Arlose. Precious sites holding such wondrous magical substances - Everember, Frost Shard, Dew Stone, Radiumite and Night Black - are highly contested. Add to that the environmental pollution of large scale mining and rendering operations and you have a high stakes trade economy that often leaves the poor poisoned by the very substances they now need to survive. It is this fact that has brought the cost of purification chalk prices so low, but how long will this stop gap measure last? Will the disenfranchised accept their lot in life, caught up in the turmoil as nations strive for power, innovation, and the resources those goals require? Or will they revolt against an oppressive hierarchy, returning the world to a less civilized time?

  • Lost in the cracks

The advent of the Grand Line, a series of teleportation sites that allow for fast and safe travel between the nation has caused humanity to cluster around the cities and villages nearest these precious resources. As a result the edges and borders of the nations have become unruly and wild. Who know what threats will emerge in these cracks between the great nations as the Were-Wood begins to reclaim the land cleansed by the Sorcerer Kings so long ago.

  • Malevolent entities offer power to the unwary

Foolish individuals serve the sinister Were-Witches of Tharatar in a desperate grasp for power, unconcerned with what new evils may be given a foothold. Mysterious dragons, soaring through space in their eternal orbit, beckon those of weak will in their dreams. Their wildest dream can come true, they say, if only the way could be paved for the dragons arrival . The elven Entombed, tied to their floating island nations by ancient magics, infuse their favored agents with arcane power. Sinister powers with dark agendas abound in the world of Amorloda, willing to offer arcane might to those who would do their bidding, but at a terrible cost.


Adventure in the lands of amorloda if you want to...


    •    Explore the forgotten laboratories of one of the ancient sorcerer kings.

    •    Keep the predations of the Were-Wood at bay.

    •    Rescue a village from the clutches of a dragon worshiping cult and its empowered leader.

    •    Hunt down an abomination unleashed on the streets of Victoria by a student research group before the dean finds out.

      •    Rescue children from one of the dreaded Were-Witches and escape their domain before the connection from their continent is closed, trapping you in their savage lands.

    •    Explore the Thousand Isle Shallows, with its island nations, secret research sites, and cargo cults. Take to the seas and fight against the Pirates ravaging the coast, under the shadow of the elven ruled floating pirate nation of Sarule.

    •    Fight dastardly villain philosophers, studying the concept of the hero's journey for there own dark ends.

    •    Study the arcane arts in one of the many arcane universities, institutions dedicated to the art of rune casting. Prove that your school is the best amongst the many institutions of this type that can be found in the neutral city state of Victoria.

    •    Smuggle goods across the nation of Aragone's famed Wall of Woe, a  mile wide barren wasteland of mystical land mines, bound spirits, and necrotic energies, isolating the nation from it neighbors,

    •    Join the forever party in the floating elven city of Stross as it wanders the continent offering its vices and pleasures to local villages and towns, only to pull up roots and vanish before local authorities can stop the debauchery, or worse, tax them.

    •    Uncover hidden weapons and abominations from the past for fun and profit

    •    Join the ranks of the Bureau Of Alchemic And Arcane Research And Regulation as they try to create a research standard and stop the immoral abominations that unregulated research can create.


The Continents Of Amorloda


Arlose : The main continent, consisting of a bunch of Human nations, a large isolationist Dwarven nation, as well as floating Elven city states. This is generally the main area a game will explore.

The Thousand Isle Shallows: A continent sized area full of isles, coral reefs, and kelp forests, where the average depth is only 30 feet. This area is a chaotic free for all for merchants, nations, pirate, native tribes and governments, with most of it not being well charted. resulting in a myriad of lost and shipwrecked vessels.

Tharatar: A great continent where the mystical wilderness called the Were-Wood was never cleansed and continues to grow. It is ruled over by the Were-Witches, beings of immense power. It is possible to travel from one spot of the Were-Woods to another regardless of distance, if one has the secrets, so no one is ever truly safe from this far off continent.

Nule: An island continent with a barren center, the point of impact of the great dragon Nule, and the source of the mysterious psychoactive substance called the Blood Of Nule. This land has a unique culture defined by its defeat of the dragon Nule, and their use of its remains in the manipulation of the magic of the dream realm.

Theme And Feel


The catch phrase for Amorloda is Alchemy Punk. The emerging magical science of Alchemy suffuses every aspect of city living, and even the rural edges use some on the advances of this exciting new discipline.The major theme of Amorloda is change, with the player characters being involved in events that may have far reaching impact on the world. Though the player character may fight villains and monsters, just as they would in the average D&D setting, the villains of Amorloda don't want the end of the world. They want the end of the world as you know it. The death or continuance of technologies and magic, the continued existence of governments, the fate of the were-Woods, and the potential rule of great godlike beings, these are just some of the threats the players might decide the outcome of.


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