The Scroll of the Stars

The Scroll of the Stars


Various scrolls speak of a prophecy and one named Starfire. These are being collected and known as Scroll of the Stars. The first was found beneath the mountains near Minora.

First Excerpt

…and as they shine from the heavens, they reveal the magnificent power within. Each and every one reveals the secrets they have withheld over a thousand lifetimes. Seemingly fixed, they watch over this world and all others. Their power surpasses all understanding. 
It was only a matter of time before one turned his eyes upward looking for the power within. We just never thought it would happen so suddenly. Even more frightening, word is spreading like wildfire that he succeeded. I cannot imagine what it could do. It should have never been attempted. Should it fall into the hands of the likes of Orcus…that would be the end. There is no question in my mind.
We must never assume, however. Starfire could have not succeeded at all. But knowing him, a great fear rises up within me.

Last Excerpt

…too long has it been since word came. Too long since his departure. Every day creates a new wrinkle in the puzzle of time. Every day I wait, adds to the fear I have. 
One hundred years ago he set out on a trail I told him I would not follow. That did not stop him. Rumors have come of his whereabouts. Rumors have come of his accomplishments and feats. Rumors have come of his demise. I know not what to believe but something tells me he is not dead. No, not Starfire. 
My most credible sources tell me that his journeys have taken him to the Astral Sea. He has been seen in the Bright City of Hestavar. This brings great joy to me if he has indeed made it. But it also brings great distress. That could mean he is closer to completing what he set out to do. 
Whatever the matter, I must have patience. He will return. He never goes back on his word…


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