The Flushing Raynes - Estate

Below are the histories of the Flushing Raynes. Upon discoveries of vampires within the royal bloodline, the Cascades banded together and annihilated the family and most of its history. The lands were given to Matrius Highmount.

The House of Rayne was once the greatest of the houses of Men, having at the time of their coming to this region, a fortune of both arms and gold beyond any mortals reckoning. “For the most part they were tall people, with flaxen or golden hair and blue-grey eyes, but there were not a few among them that had dark hair, though all were fair-skinned.” The People of Rayne were “quick to wrath and laughter, fierce in battle, generous to friend and to foe, swift in resolve, fast in loyalty, joyous in heart, they were known as the Golden Ones in the youth of Mankind.” They were akin to the house Morlin.
The vanguard of the Greater Folk, now led by one Marach, were the first to reach the The Everwinter, but they were daunted by the heights and turned southward, seeking a way round the Mountains. Thus they came to Asalia from the North when the other Houses had already settled. Marach therefore led his people to the plains just below the Grey Mountains, where they settled to the east of the Folk of Aegrias, the dragonborn.
The House of Rayne became the most renowned of the Cascades, fighting for the people of Aegrias and those of the Realm of the Vines to the west. They were moreover hardy to endure cold and feared not at times to go far into the north and there keep watch upon the movements of Vampiric forces. 
A great battle with an ancient house far in the north all but destroyed this once glorious house. The remnant of the House of Rayne was then put to thraldom; those able to work were taken to mines of the north or laboured as slaves for the Incomers, and the old were killed or driven out to starve. 
Vampiric’ lordship under Morgothian lasted nearly a century, until the Host of the Heroldi arrived in the cascades and the War of Wrath began. The remnants of the Houses then fought on the side of Heroldi’s Forces, and after the defeat of Morgothian, they were granted the Flushing Raynes to dwell in. The descendants of the House of Rayne composed the majority of its population. Most of the people of Asalia and Stallcroft was thus also descended from either the House of Rayne or those of their folk that never crossed the Blue Mountains.


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