The Disappearing Shipment

Subject: Missing Shipment

To King Blackstone

Your Grace, I have received ill news from one of my caravan guards who had been travelling with your recent shipment from the Nentir Vale that you personally requested.

First I would like to make it clear that though you hired my guard, one made note of the weaponry and general skill of the caravan members themselves. Though it seems in ill taste I must make certain that I am well compensated for the 1-1 ratio of guards to caravan members that I pride myself upon when making shipments.

However, the true problem is that overnight the caravan itself seemed to have been entirely ransacked and the members of the caravan captured. My guards awoke one morning, a days ride from Risencrest, to find the wagons, cargo and all, destroyed. As well as every member of the caravan completely missing. My guards claim no personal injury, but I must admit my complete bafflement as to what could have happened. To this end I must once again ensure that my compensation is forthcoming for though the shipment did not “officially” arrive, the guards did make true on their word to accompany it at least most of the way to Risencrest. As the boxes were quite light, I assume the contents could not be particularly valuable goods being shipped, so I do not feel that a dock in pay is necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns with my request for compensation in full, I am at your disposal, and I pray you decide to use my services should you require a shipment delivered again.

Garl Thondak, Principal Caravan Supervisor for the Darkwyrm Shipping Co.

To Garl Thondak,

You shall receive your compensation in full, as well as a discretionary sum to prevent your mentioning of this shipment to any interested parties. If word were to get out of this shipment to any interested parties, then word could potentially leak as to the ability of the guards of the Darkwyrm Shipping Company’s to protect the goods being shipped. We thank you for your cooperation and will contact you if we have further need of your services.

Ean Darklight, Steward to King Tristan Blackstone of Risencrest

To Ean Darklight

Pleasure doing business with you.

Garl Thondak, Principal Caravan Supervisor for the Darkwyrm Shipping Co.


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