The Desert Jewel

Maetrage has stood a shining jewel in the desert wastelands of Maransa. Since times before the great empires of man, this location spurred trade from around the world. Maetrage still stands (as this is written) as one of the few places in the Fold where slave trade is welcomed.

The truth behind the desolate location of such a prominent city is what lies beneath. Astia fills the caverns beneath the great Jewel. Private operations took hold early on, securing the precious material from outside interests in Maransa. Maetrage always has and always will shine as the Jewel in the deserts as the home of freedom and trade. No where else will one find such welcoming hosts, a variety of people, or a variety of goods.

Do not let your life pass you by without visiting the Desert Jewel, Maetrage.


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