The Cascades of Aestonia

Established shortly after the fall of the Nerathi Empire, the Cascades of Aestonia represent the elite families of wealth. Each estate covers as much ground as a small city and is occupied by each of the four families:

The families remain very disconnected. Disagreements usually arise with too much interaction. Some families get along well on the surface but beneath that they are all independent and wish to remain that way. No kingdoms claim the Cascades for fear of upsetting the wealthy and powerful families. Should the four families ever unite for one cause, the opponents should prepare to meet the Raven Queen within a tenday. Their combined wealth and power could shatter most kingdoms before a war could begin. Fortunately, they remain very separated.

It is said that the Aegrias Prime once stole a valued secret from the Seat of Leorand. They claim has been denied and tensions have since risen. The Cascades have become a region on the brink of war since the incident. The tensions seem to have arisen from the act or the claim, both exposed by the Seat of Leorand. Only a tiefling mind could truly connect with them and find truth…


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