The Aegrias Prime - City

Cross into the Cascades and travel far north. Look to the west underneath the Great Mountain Range and you will see the glory that is the Aegrias Prime. The sprawling stone estate lies at the base of a small mountain. Tunnels lead into the mountain from the rear of the estate. High walls surround the entire landholding. The towers and faces of stone resemble dragons in their making. Fit for a stronghold of dragonborn. 
The Aegrias bloodline goes as far back as the dragonborn race itself. Abraxus Aegrias first brought his family to Aestonia before the Nerathi Empire. Their former kingdom gave them the honor of starting a dragonborn settlement in a new land. Their former kingdom was also thrown into ruins shortly after, leaving the Aegrias family cut off and alone. Their spirits were as strong as their muscled backs though and they created an estate and wealth unimaginable. The current heir to Abraxus is Kriv Aegrias. 
The city is 90% dragonborn. The culture is strictly from the ancient dragonborn ways and everyone follows and respects that. The Aegrias family has provided a wealthy and safe home for ages and the occupants are more than happy to recognize this. The other 10% of the population is a mixture of humans, halflings, and dwarves. Few elves inhabit the city but can be found. A sprinkling of gnomes, goliaths, and other creatures are seen occasionally.


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