Sun's Silver

Sun's Silver


The carrier of the stone possesses the power of the sun itself, gaining the ability to resist the cold and traverse wintery landscapes. It also gives the carrier the ability to revitalize their companions in the midst of battle, giving them courage and a new found will to carry the battle to the enemy!


Odo the Brash, or Strongarm as many of the clan called him, gazed out into the still nothingness of the night. A strong wind from the North Sea tore its way across the mountainside. Odo grunted and spit, knowing full well that with winter coming the passes out of the mountains would soon be impassable. The howl of the wind was loud enough to drown out any sound of the festivities behind him, and he was thankful for that. Odo glanced behind him, “Fucking giglets,” he spat, and with that, he turned once more to his watch.

Deep in the cave, a celebration was in full swing. This was the most bountiful harvest on record for the Ankkath peoples. Several bonfires were alight, spread throughout the enormous ceremonial cave. Pipes and drums filled the air with upbeat music; there was dancing, singing and other forms of merry making. A happier place in the Fold could not be found.

Near the central fire, an old and grizzled man known as Arminio, stood and raised his hand. The entire cavern fell to a hush immediately. “We thank the Gods for this most generous of harvests,” his voiced thundered off the cavern walls, “however, there is a long winter ahead. We need to be steadfast and unyielding as we have always been. There is war in the far south, and the Great Power of old has once again risen. Come Summer, and they could very well be on our doorstep.” With that comment, many people shifted uncomfortably where the sat. Seeing that his words were not altogether well received, Arminio changed the subject, “Enough of the future, tonight, we feast!!” With that he clapped his hands and hundreds of hands carried out trays of bread and meat, piled high and smoking. Cheers went up from the crowd, and the fest was begun.

Hours later, Arminio stood once more. This time however, he did not raise his hand. He took some powder from his belt pouch and threw it on the fire. The flame was extinguished and then burst forth once more in a kaleidoscope of color. Turning from blue to green, green to purple the fire was a sight to behold! Arminio closed his eyes and started chanting, soon the fires around the caverns started to dim without losing any intensity. The whole clan joined in the chanting and soon the walls seemed to sing as well. The cavern was alive with the Ankkath’s song of Stone. Arminio silenced the crowd with the raising of his hand, “Brothers, Sisters, young ones. I want to tell you the story of the Sun Stone on this cold and bitter night.” When Arminio started his story, the fires around the cavern became alive with images of his tale, and the howling outside seemed to drop to nothing. All that could be heard was his voice. A low hum droned from the rock, almost ampliefied by this shaman’s voice…

Long ago, in the first days of this world, there was only darkness. Darkness filled the sea, it covered the land, and it smothered the sky. With this, all the light in the cave went out. But, awake! The Gods shone light upon this earth. First, the sky was given light to breathe, then the darkness was taken out of the sea, and at long last a single ray of light shone upon the Fold. The central fire now shone with a bright, white light. The beauty of the earth was revealed! Lo! How the land was wrapped in such beauty, now visible to the Gods, and they were glad. This first beam of light that ever touched the Fold struck a stone. It is said that this stone still shines with the power of the Sun, and it holds within itself the power of the Sun, giving warmth and strength to the one who carries it. The one who carries it can restore their allies vitality and vigor with not but a single word. It is also said to be the only thing that can truly destroy the Winter Witch who brings the wretched cold down upon us.

At this point, the fires returned to normal, and the howling of the wind resumed once more. Now, the shaman looked graven, “My people, I believe we need this stone to survive. The winters are turning ever more cruel, and the darkness is deepening all around us. The stone will sustain us. I am sure of it. Who will go?”


Suddenly from the entrance of the cave, Odo shouted, “Fuck it. I’ll go find your shiny stone and kill the bitch, Old man.”

Odo left that cave months ago…he has not been heard from since.


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