Learn about resources across the Fold.

Misty Kingdom

The Hedrol Mountains provide ore deposits of copper and iron. Some claim that gold deposits can be found in the far northern regions.
The seaside communities provide a good deal of fish and crab as well as pearls in the northern region. 
The Misty Kingdom can be cooler yet still provides fertile farmland. Rich in berries and fruits, the Misty Kingdom also grows a good deal of greens and grains.

The Rising Lands

The lands here are not as fertile for farming yet a few regions provide a decent amount of corn, soybeans, and grains.. 
The seaside communities provide an overwhelming amount of fresh fish and seafood. Crab is not found in this region though. Swordfish, shark, and a variety of smaller fish are caught in masses on a daily basis.


This desert is not fertile for farming of any sort. 
Some mines in the area are said to hold gold but Maransa’s largest export is Astia. It is found in great amounts all over Maransa and especially concentrated near the city of Maetrage.

The Cascades

Considered the most fertile land in all Aestonia, the Cascades are flourishing with resources. Farms produce foods from potatoes to beans, from berries to apples and oranges, and everything in between. Fresh grains are never too far away, either. The nearby woods provide a good deal of lumber. The lakes harvest freshwater fish. The Aegrias Prime have access to the Great Mountains as well.

The Great Mountains

This enormous mountain range is rumored to hold host to a plethora of precious metals. Iron, copper, and gold deposits are common if you know where to look. Some say silver streams can be found within the range as well. Diamonds are not uncommon in the deep of these mountains.

The Northern Mountains

Gold, iron, and copper can be found deep under the northern mountains as well as streams of silver and diamonds. These mountains however were much more frequented than the Great Mountains.


Livestock and hardier grains are the most common resources in this desolate region.


This farming community provides a good deal of lumber from the woods surrounding it. 
The farmlands to the south are rich with grains, fields of greens, and orchards of fresh fruit. The farming keeps the community alive.


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