Nerathi Empire

Nerathi Empire

A Word By Morgenroth

The world’s humans are scattered and divided, engaged in a losing battle against the darkening world and their own ignorance
It wasn’t always so. Once, the splendor of Nerath lit the world with its culture and accomplishments. It united races and governed prosperously. Nerathi architects raised marvels of engineering; its artists composed works capturing the imagination; and its philosophy formed the foundation of humanity’s ideologies. Yet none of these feats could save Nerath from destruction.
Humans today are the inheritors of this legacy, though few of them realize what their ancestors lost with the empire’s fall. Although Nerath now means little more than ancient legends in the shadows of crumbling ruins, every person of every race alive in the world today shares this common thread to their history—that once, Nerath ruled, and the world was a better a place.
There are those who would see it so again.

"The Birth" by Aranil Elrohmer of Brightkeep Academy

In the wake of the Great War, the dragonborn and tiefling were decimated. Once-great races of power and nobility were strewn across the lands, desolate and poor. 
Dragonborn were pitied. The great and powerful race was now in shambles and scattered throughout the lands, left far from a crumbled homeland by the travels of war. 
Tieflings were scorned and hated. Rumors and enemies grew. “He who deals with devils deserves this fate.” The devil-pact humans were forced to leave their ruined homeland and move on with their lives, knowing that their greatest days were behind them. 
The world was thrust into darkness as the magic from both sides of the war distorted not only reality, but the very dreams of mortals in the world. Much was forgotten as darkness set in. Evil lurked in the shadows and chaos should have ensued. But a point of light shone in the distance. A light in the west pointed towards a new hope, a new future…for man.

A Light For All Mankind

In the wake of the destruction of the Great War, the human race began to rise in power. Nomadic tribes had began to settle in cities during the Great War and it was these growing cities that were left in the west after the destruction of the ancient empires. Shortly after the war had settled, a 15 year old named Magroth gained power as a strong leader and founded the imperial capital. Scrolls speak of his brave acts including his victory over Ayunken-vanzen, the ancient gold dragon whose lair was beneath the land Magroth desired for his capital. After his victory, he lit the Flame Imperishable in the imperial capital and began his decades-long marches of expansion that would conquer most of the known world.

After the Fall

After helping cure the horrific Ashen Plague, the empress of Magroth, named Amphaesia, disappeared back to her home in the Feywild. She was never seen in the world again.


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