Inceptum Aestonia

The Seat at Risencrest

It was always spoken, “He who holds the seat at Risencrest, holds reigns to all Aestonia.” And thus, the seat at Risencrest is a most prized possession of power. Never has one throne claimed so many a king, so many a bloodline. Risencrest, settled firmly to the east of the Crested Downs, is a fortress. Protected to the east from Maransa by the Downs, and from the north by the Rising River, it remains one of the most difficult seats to acquire by force. And so our story begins not with war, but rather deceit and trickery. Threats from within are often deserved of the highest fear. 

Marvella’s Wonder

With King Blackstone (Laurent, first of his name) in charge of Risencrest, the Rising Lands were prosperous and expanding. Whispers of a new kingdom in the north did not bring about fear yet the talks of Maransa stole the king’s sleep. Scouts had placed thousands of airship vessels in Maransa within the last tenday. Troops from somewhere in the Western Edge had also joined up inMaetrage. King Blackstone had his forces around Risencrest doubled and set forces at various hidden outposts across the Risen Lands. He expected war. Maransa had, after all, known nothing but evil in his eyes. 

Less than a tenday after his reinforcements, a strange woman dressed in gypsy garb arrived at the castle requesting an audience. Marvella was the name she gave. With her she brought only one gentlemen to pull her cart. He was the strangest of men. His green eyes tore deep into your soul and he spoke not a word. Marvella swore she could show the king his future if he would only repay her with a guarded caravan to her home in Maransa. The king, being on edge from his sleepless nights accepted the offer. A grave mistake that still haunts his bloodline. 

Marvella conjured a fine mist in his throne room while whispering words of an unknown past. As the king leaned in to view his future, he was pulled from his seat and sent into the mist. Accounts of guards in the room say that he turned to mist himself as his screaming faded from earshot. At once, the guards attacked but were rendered immobilized by the evil witch. She took the throne for herself. Troops entered the room to harness her only to find her strange friend transformed into a towering dragon. The king’s troops were now hers. She executed the queen but the prince was no where to be found.


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