Barbarian Invasions

Excerpt from a message sent from Grennal to Raignoria

To the Most High Council:
With barbarians laying siege to Asalia, the turmoil in the cascades, and now the added threat of barbarian invasions from the west, our numbers grow far too thin. We do not have the garrison to patrol our entire borders both night and day. We need more men. The High Council must act soon or the war will break through our borders and the tides of darkness will sweep over our land, even unto Raignoria. Time is of the essence.
-Rolen, of Grennal

An excerpt from the personal journal of Sithek, Commander of the

Entry #3 of the New Moon

Something isn’t right. First the barbarians were coming in raiding parties, but now they are coming droves. They have been worked into a frenzy and they come by the hundreds screaming and crying as if they were being chased by death itself. With so few under my command I am unable to turn them all aside. I have been forced to send search parties to weed them out and drive them from our lands. We cannot escape this war forever, the High Council must see this. The war is creeping in on all fronts and soon it will be on our doorstep.

Entry #5 of the New Moon

Late this evening one of the search parties came back with a bound male crying and wringing his hands. He was covered in blood, but it was not his blood. My men tell me that they found him crouching in a bloody mess with a knife in his hands. His family lay about him, all their eyes were open and full of fear. Blood trickled from the corners of their mouths and a jagged wound was opened from ear to ear. I tried to calm him and interrogate him, but he only offered two words. Darkness and Death. More of my men are hearing whispers of the Vampire Clans raiding the Barbarian villages. This cannot be true. The Prince of Arna drove them from the mountains and burned their King. Time will tell, for now I have my orders, but if the High Council will not give me more men…may the Gods be with us. A horn blast in the distance, at this hour? I must see to this…
Thus ends the last entry in Sithek’s Journal.


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