Underworld is the fantasy district in the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox show. Underworld is set on the inside of the planet, in the hollowed out core, tunnels and caverns deep in the bowels of the world.

You can see the list of the faces in Underworld and their goals in the Meanwhile Chart.



  • Overwatch

  • A stalactite hanging from the high roof hollowed out to be a guard tower.
  • The Falls

  • Large waterfalls from the rocky ceiling falling down into a pool/stream.
  • Midnight Island

  • A large island covered in darkness in the middle of a lake.
  • Emerald Webs

  • Translucent emerald acacia tree-like structures that dominate a swampy wetland.
  • The Foundry

  • Dark caves at the planet core, blue-black rock lit red with flowing molten lava.
  • The Lover's Walk

  • A barren and rocky cavern filled with mushrooms that glow bue and green in the moonlight.
  • Spirit Cave

  • A haunted cave. Haunted by the spirits of the stone.
  • Halliwell's Hollow

  • A large clearing near the edge of the forest where seers gather to ply their trade.
  • The Hollowbosk

  • A gigantic cavern that lies below a massive lake on the surface.
  • The Diamond Palace

  • A palace cut from the gems and surrounding rock for the king of the Dwarves.
  • The Steps to Empyrean

  • An ovoid hole in the wall with a staircase cut out of the rock that goes on forever.
  • The Sunken Temple

  • A temple from the surface world that sunk beneath the ground ages ago.


  • Ermot

  • A sentient golem smith created for the sol purpose of crafting the bones of the earth into usable weapons.
  • Squire

  • Stonemason turned talking statute.
  • Theodore

  • Translator for his tribe due to abilities granted by his bloodline.
  • The Guardian

  • The Guardian is a mentor who rarely speaks, mainly communicating with hand gestures and head movements.


  • Flutterlight

  • A celebration of the continuation of life that happens in the fall.
  • Time of Amity

  • A celebration of the end of a war, and forgiving the wrongdoings of others.
  • Teletz Nacht

  • A celebration of what might be your last night.


  • The Sunspot

  • The only place in the Underworld that sees sunlight.
  • Frozen Lightning

  • A crystallized lightning strike, a the Center of the town square.


  • Crystal Orchids

  • Crystalline orchids have been found resulting in Queen Patricia Gemtooth falling into a comatose state.

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