The Pit

The Pit is the modern horror/fantasy district in the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox world. The city sits in a deep pit surrounded by high sandstone walls. The high walls only allow sunlight to hit a small center of the city.

You can see the list of the faces in Underworld and their goals in the Meanwhile Chart.


  • Goddess Books

  • Occult bookstore that appears to be a happy & carefree pagan place.
  • Willy's Bar

  • A dark, dank dive that's a crowded hangout for the paranormals.
  • Pit Mart

  • Sundries shop in The Pit, front for underground railroad out of pit.
  • The Source

  • An underground labyrinth of caves, tunnels, and grottos.
  • Moonflower

  • A walled and well protected compound, housing a radical religious sect.


  • The Dead Head

  • Intelligent Zombie, most charismatic of the dead.
  • Cole Turner

  • Overeager collector of dark magicks and artifacts.
  • Magdaline Greene

  • Disposer of body, collector of secrets, seller of magic charms or artificial body parts.
  • Datura Dancers

  • A group of trained male dancers who excel at erotic dancing.


  • Fellday

  • A celebration remembering the day that the first group of people arrived in the pit.
  • Luckless Day

  • A holiday where the people make light of the fact that they are in the pit.
  • The Passing of the Cecidia

  • A festival grown around a tradition sustaining a special fruit that only grows once every five years.



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