Sky City

Sky City is the superhero district in the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox world. The huge city floats above the surface of the world on a giant, inverted cone of soil and rock leftover from when the city was ripped from the surface and sent floating around the world.

You can see the list of the faces in The Outer Wastes and their goals in the Meanwhile Chart.


  • GeNeTiC

  • Pharmaceutical company that makes temporary powers.
  • Sky High

  • High school for kids with powers.
  • Eastgate

  • A booming business district ruined by being on the fault line when the city left the ground.
  • The Sea of Clouds

  • The Sea of Clouds are what the surrounding clouds around Sky City are called.
  • Digital You

  • A startup company who claim to have perfected the process of digitizing the human consciousness.
  • Sky City Museum

  • Sky City's Museum, with wings dedicated to history, heros and more.
  • InsuraCare Inc

  • An insurance company that covers super hero-related damages to self and property.


  • Boomer

  • Retired brick hero-turned-gym-teacher.
  • Harold

  • Superpowered Handyman.
  • Unit 57/Margaret Miller

  • A standard worker/security unit, now with a personality of one of the stored consciousnesses.
  • Alexis St. John, aka Black Star

  • Immensely powerful hero with the ability to manipulate gravity and potential to control the strong force of the universe.


  • Flyover

  • A holiday celebrated when the city is the closest to it's original location on the planet.
  • Accolades

  • A Holiday where heroes tell tales of their past adventures.


  • The Plank

  • A large I-beam that sticks out for dozens of feet from the side of the city.

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