Skull Island

Skull Island is the pirate/swashbuckling/high seas district in the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox world. Skull Island is not actually just an island, but all the surrounding seas, islands and related locations.

You can see the list of the faces in Underworld and their goals in the Meanwhile Chart.


  • Serpent Sea

  • An area of the sea between three islands where ships and men go missing.
  • The Eyes

  • Set of caves that look just like a skull's eyes on Skull Island.
  • Shipwreck Current

  • A changing current in the ocean that always pulls along broken bits of shipwrecks, dead sailors and other detritus.
  • The Maw

  • A large area of jagged rocks, shallow water, high reefs, and other navigational hazards.
  • Fort Malpass

  • A stone fort built atop a coral atoll in an opened ring, protecting the rather poor harbor of a larger city.
  • Red Islands

  • A small chain of islands, They are tropical and very lush.
  • Turtle Island

  • Turtle Island is a decent-sized island with a deep cove protecting docked ships from the open sea.
  • Golden Strand

  • The Golden Strand is not just a beautiful & clean gold-colored beach but also a blue expanse of water just as lively, clear & beautiful.


  • Rat

  • Shady black market contact.
  • Old Willy

  • A bearded old man that will talk your ear off if you let him start his stories.
  • Crazy Bill

  • Shipwreck survivor who drank too much seawater.
  • Bato

  • Wheelman Trainer Extraordinaire.
  • Nutan

  • Hungry tribal chief.


  • Conlectus

  • A celebration of the awakening of the Sea goddess.



  • Marrow's Map

  • The Party finds a map that tests them for promise of the ultimate pirate prize.

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