Outer Wastes

The Outer Wastes are the desolate surface of the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox world. A civilization used to thrive on the surface of this world, but no more. No one remembers what destroyed it.

You can see the list of the faces in The Outer Wastes and their goals in the Meanwhile Chart.


  • Bone Corridor

  • A narrow valley or pass through sharp mountains, the only way to get across the mountains.
  • The Rush

  • Once a mighty river, now a brownish stream only 50ft across.
  • Vault 13

  • A vast underground fallout shelter.
  • FT Don El

  • A floating fortress from another age.
  • The Monastery

  • A monastery of Monks and Nuns dedicated to the scienced and magic of the Pre-apocalypse.
  • The Oil Fields

  • A large expanse of land littered with broken vehicles, pumping stations and large pools of black liquid.
  • Jericho

  • A run-down small town in the middle of what used to be nowhere.
  • Salt Flats

  • A dry lake bed 50 miles across, surrounded on all sides by rugged hills.
  • The Caravan

  • A convoy of converted big-rigs that travel from settlement to settlement.
  • Mirage Expanse

  • A wide expanse of hard desert that seems to have no end.


  • Fern

  • Young, determined caretaker/healer.
  • Albert Cole

  • Charismatic Leader of the People of Vault 13.
  • The Abbott

  • He is a mysterious robed and masked cult-leader.
  • The Chief

  • The tribal leader of the yetis that live in The Shifting Wastes.
  • Roach

  • Strange Alien Collector.
  • Hammond

  • A mystic who guards the remains of the base.
  • Fox

  • A sly old man who always seems to get the better end of a deal.
  • The Guide

  • Figment of the viewer's imagination.

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