Orbital Platform Delta 4

Orbital Platform Delta 4 is the science fiction and space opera district in the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox. The orbital platform serves as the central hub for all the stories that happen in this massive district.

You can see the list of the faces in Underworld and their goals in the Meanwhile Chart.


  • Sensor Deck

  • An entire deck on the orbital platform that deals with information from the sensors.
  • Quarantine

  • A series of laboratories, containment/decontamination chambers, medstations and security checkpoints, all connected to the station's docks.
  • Mainenance

  • Maintenance is a labyrinthine deck of workshops, engineering and fab-labs.
  • The Nether

  • Virtual underground chat board that changes location every time.
  • The Arcology

  • Tethered domes with low gravity with connecting passageways.
  • Hawking Wormhold

  • Swirling point that orbits the sun that is believed to lead to another part of the galaxy.
  • Waste Reclamation Plant

  • A large area in the central core of the station where all waste is processed for recycling.
  • Brinholm

  • A world covered by oceans about 5 light years away from the system in which the orbital platform exists.


  • Nine

  • Secretive hacker who announces the location of The Nether.
  • Hawking

  • Brain in a jar scientist.
  • CZ-88

  • Gatekeeper of Jobs.
  • TCU161

  • The AI that is in charge of waste reclamation.
  • Nero

  • Mythical monster.




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