Crater Colony

Crater Colony is the cyberpunk district of the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox world. Crater Colony sits on the surface of a moon orbiting the Sandbox world, under a dome that protects it from the harsh vacuum of space.

You can see the list of the faces in Crater Colony and their goals in the Meanwhile Chart.


  • New Bank ATM

  • An ancient ATM in the inner ruins of Old City.
  • Shoku Elevator

  • A giant cable that connects the moon to the surface of the planet.
  • Hollow Stadium

  • A huge stadium where all the major sporting and competitive events take place.
  • Zarn

  • A closed-type O’Neil cylinder.


  • Manny

  • Tech controller, gang leader.
  • Fedji Boker

  • Landlord of the Boker Suites and Mercenary captain.
  • Sarge

  • Retired soldier turned arms dealer.
  • Whitlaw

  • Lead moderator of The Board.
  • Virgil

  • Zarn’s Virtual Intelligence.

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