The Lost Folk

These races are more reclusive and hidden than most. Their existence is unknown to all but the most well traveled. The lost folk have no great empires of their own but dwell in shadows of other great civilizations of Erdessa.

  • Erdessian Centaurs

  • Centaurs are found primarily in the massive forests of the Northlands or the Northern Highreaches.
  • Gnomes

  • Standing three feet tall, the Gnomes are a rare and secluded folk. They look as thought they were chiseled from marble with their gray eyes and pale skin.
  • Halflings

  • Travelers on the great northern road sometimes pass through the halfling land and enjoy their hominess and hospitality but few head that far north anymore.
  • Morcuri

  • The Morcuri are a peaceable race of intelligent sea turtle-like creatures found in the warm coastal waters of the Amber Sea.
  • Tawny Woods Giants

  • A quiet and peaceable race of giants found in the northern forests of Erdessa, the Tawny Woods Giants stand nearly 7' tall and are known for their great strength and ability to move silently through the forests unseen.

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