The Far Lands

The far lands are the great coastal empires and kingdoms that encircle The Two Seas. They are not typically as hospitable to traders and adventurers as the lands along the Two Seas but possess great wealth and ancient cultures. 


  • Cyran Empire

  • A proud human empire spanning nearly a quarter of the continent.
  • Elven Domains

  • Over a 1000 miles of unbroken woodlands and ancient forests, protected by the elfin folk.
  • Giantish Kingdoms

  • The petty fiefdoms of the once powerful Giant Kings, now merely a loose alliance of giant clans.
  • Lands of Biting Snow

  • A massive glacier covered valley at the heart of Erdessa's tallest peaks. A large lake sits at its center.
  • Northern Highreaches

  • These wildlands of the far north are home to starkly beautiful wilderness and those who protect it.
  • Rathian Empire

  • The steppes of the northeast are home to the Rathian Empire of the ogres, and their slaves.

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