Second Born Spirits

Second Born Spirits

The Second Born spirits were created by the Named One to assist the Firstborn in their governance of creation. Their powers rise and fall with the beliefs of mortals. Thanatos rose the highest among their ranks, becoming a Greater Power with followers throughout the world. There are myriads of Second Born in the various planes some interacting mortals and others remaining distant. 

  • Grogarth

  • The red Giant, Grogarth was once a mighty general in Thanatos' armies. He avoided imprisionment in Void and is said to sleep beneath the Spine Mountains awaiting Thanatos' return. Grogarth is venerated and feared by the orcs and giants of the world.
  • Jioras

  • Jioras, The All Knowing, is considered the One True God by the rulers of the Council Lands. His priests have never demonstrated miracles of divine magic outside of those lands.
  • Thanatos

  • The god of entropy and destruction is a former servant of Oran who is now imprisioned in The Void. Priests of Thanatos have demonstrated dark divine magic in the Empire of Thordex and in proximity to Void Portals which the establish around the world..
  • The Sylvans

  • The powers and demigods of the natural realm who protect their sacred lands.

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