Northlands - Region

The Northlands are those north of the Spine Mountains, which surround the Amber Sea. Elves, men dwarves and orcs battle for supremacy and control of the great riches found in these lands. The great city of Goldmarch, the trade hub of the north, is located on the Amber Sea in the heart of these lands.


  • Amber Sea

  • The Amber Sea is a deep inland freshwater body that streches for hundreds of miles. The majority of the sea stays navigable year round with ice forming only during the coldest weeks of winter. Compared to the Stormy Sea the weather is calm.
    1. Bern
    2. El'Tavail
    3. Iltak
    4. Stormbay
    5. The Celestial Tears
  • Arys

  • Situated on the primary trade route between the Northcountry and the Heartlands, the Grand Dutchy of Arys is a prosperous and influential mercantile kingdom.
    1. Aryville
    2. Kardesh
  • Cromlyn

  • Cromlyn is one of the last bastions of civilization in the wild lands and untamed lands of the far north. It's chivalrous mounted knights defend the frontier.
    1. Sarsalith
  • En'Del Fey

  • As part of the great expanse of primeval wilderness that make up the elven domains of the northwest, the kingdom En’Del Fey, also known as the Wyld Woods, is a testament to the harmony the elves have achieved with the natural world.
    1. Lavanor
  • Lare Endes

  • A few centuries ago the elves of the Wyld Woods sent their young and venturous southwards to find their lost kin in the region known to the humans as the Spine Forest. They established this youthful realm.
  • Taridor

  • The Kingdom of Taridor is a close ally with the Elven Domains and is home to the most powerful navy on the Amber Sea after the elves. It is unusual in that after its king's recent death, the nobles accepted his elven queen as their ruler.
    1. Algrondar
    2. Galea

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