Heartlands - Region

The Hearlands of Erdessa are typially considered to include the lands surrounding the Stormy Sea, south of the Spine Mountains, all the way to the Sea of Pearls at Erdessa's southern coast. These lands are home to every major race and a form a crossroads and trade route connecting the eastern and western portions of the continent.


  • Barren Plains

  • Between the Council Lands in the west and Elemarda in the east, an expanse of dry plains stretches for miles. The few human settlements that do exist here are as sparse as the landscape.
  • Council Lands

  • Situated on a fertile peninsula thrust into the Stormy Sea exists the center of the expansive Council Lands. The council’s reach extends into many neighboring lands causing some people to call the domain the Council’s Empire.
  • Dolthan

  • Beneath the Iron Mountains, carved deep into the very heart of Erdessa, the caverns of Dolthan span for miles without end, stretching far beyond anything surface dwellers could ever imagine. It is here that the Iron Mountain dwarves make their home.
  • Elemarda

  • The oldest elven realm known to humans is the kingdom of Elemarda, and some scholars claim that it was the birthplace of the elven race.
  • Goblin Barrens

  • The badlands surrounding Mt. Teratis are home to the tribes of Red Goblins, some of the fiercest mercinaries in the known world.
  • Rajihlar

  • In a large mountain valley on the northeastern coast of the Stormy Sea is the land most seafarers know as the Old Kingdom. The dwarves who live in this land call it Rajihlar and claim to have been there since the creation of the world.
  • The Border States

  • Separated from the Empire by the Guardian Mountains, the assorted kingdoms and city-states that make up this region are fiercely independent.

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