Halfblood Races

Across RootHome many half-blooded races can be found. They contain the bloodlines and strengths of both of their parents and are often prized for their prowess, when they are accepted. 

  • Half-elves

  • Half-elves look like beautiful humans or more muscular elves and are often found in regions where human and elven lands border one another. In some lands they are as well accepted as humans or elves and they can often pass for either.
  • Half-Ogres

  • The True Orges of the Rathian Empire are said to have bred orcs and brute ogres to create more intelligent servants. These half-ogres have massive builds and dark matted hair. They are highly prized as slaves and bodyguards the world over.
  • Half-Orcs

  • The offspring of unnatural unions, half-orcs are occasionally found in the Northlands. Their bestial traits make them feared and persecuted but some have proven themselves noble of heart and become invaluable defenders of the northern kingdoms.

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