Elven Domains - Region

Elven Domains: Bordered to the north by the prairies of the Highreaches and stretching all the way to the Old Sea Kingdoms of the southwest, the unbroken forests of the elves run the length of Erdessa’s western coastline. They expand inland for hundreds of miles providing a home to countless birds and other wildlife.
Sentient races including the fey, pixies, centaurs, treants, and mythical beasts abound in these mythical woods. Part of their great living abundance is due to the plentiful rainfall that is carried inland from the Endless Ocean. This creates a temperate rainforest in all but the northernmost reaches of the forests. This land’s amazing vitality can also be attributed to the elven shapers who sculpt the forestland with their magics to make them a perfect sanctuary for life. It is from these primeval forests that the name of the continent, “Erdessa,” was given, since they looked like an endless green sea to the humans who encountered them for the first time.
The elves are the undisputed masters of their domain but they work tirelessly to find allies against the orcish tribes to the east. The orcs continually threaten the elven woods with fire, saws and endless warfare. The Three Kingdoms of men in the region were founded by the first human allies of the elves who were recruited to defend against the orcish threat. In exchange for being allowed to settle in the shadow of the elven woods, Sarssain families, chosen for their bravery and nobility, vowed to settle in the Northlands and fight the orcs alongside their elven allies. The elves in turn shared with these humans their magic and technical knowledge, helping them prosper in the cold north.  

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