Divine Magic on Erdessa

Divine magic on RootHome is rare and inspires awe and fear in the general populace. Healing and restorative magics are a direct gift from the Powers and cannot be had without their assistance. The reason why divine magic is so scarce is that only the Seven "True Powers" are able to grant the full miracles of divine magic to their mortal followers. The Second Born powers are limited in their ability to grant miracles to their followers especially for more powerful divine magics outside of their specialized domains. The other reason divine magic is scarce in Erdessa is that the Powers have strict guidelines for mortals whom they favor with divine miracles and only a few chosen ones are able to devote themselves to their standards.

Examples of Power's Requirements for Divine Magic:

*Marsara's servants must heal all those in need of healing as long as they are not actively threatening anyone.

*Servants of Oran must see that all the dead are properly buried and put to rest.

*Servants of Io must continually seek out and learn great mysteries and secret lore or risk losing Io's favor.

*Servants of Jioras must record and preserve any knowledge that they discover and keep all the laws of the land.



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