Arcane Magic on Erdessa

The world of RootHome is a world filled with dangerous and life-giving magics. Arcane spell casters, and the very world itself, must face the consequences of every spell that is cast for good or ill. Generalist wizards called mages can use both Consumptive and Creation magic but without the benefits of controlling or enhancing their special effects the way Takers and Shaper specialist wizards can.

Consumptive Magic: Consumptive magic or "Taker Magic" draws its energy from the very life-force of the world whenever it is cast. This type of magic includes spells that are highly destructive or coercive to living things and it requires small amounts living energy in order to cast each spell. Takers can chose who to drain in order to cast their spells while other wizards drain the nearest living things to power Consumptive Magic.

Creation Magic: Creation magic, or "Shaper Magic" is present within the very fabric of reality. Some wizards known as Shapers can channel this energy for positive effect including healing and growing living things and shaping inanimate matter.


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