6. Coins of Erdessa - Players Info

Council Lands - Gold 'Cindar'; Silver 'Oldar'; Copper 'Ridar'; and the Platinum 'Councilar'

Coins minted in the highly civilized Council Lands are used throughout the Heartlands of Erdessa. They are considered by many merchants  to be the standard by which other coins are weighed and their purity is exceptional. The realm's unique platinum Councilars are worth 500 silver coins and are used to settle large debts.  

Cyran Empire - Gold 'Emperors'; Silver 'Legions'; Copper 'Merchants'; and white gold 'Generals'

The currency of the Cyran Empire is the common coin for much of eastern Erdessa and it is the only kind accepted for paying the imperial tax Cyran coins are of standard weight and purity, and are perfectly round and well made. The gold emperors bear the image of the current emperor. The "white gold generals" (made from a silver and gold alloy) are worth 5 silver pieces and are used to pay the Cyran legions. 

Darzagda -  Gold 'Dalsar'; Silver 'Quadar'; Copper 'Ridar'

Darzagdan coins are common in southwest Erdessa and in the many island kingdoms of the Lassinian Sea. They are popular with merchants as they are smaller and thicker than most coins but are of standard weight, thus allowing more to fit in a chest. 

Rathian Empire - Gold 'Talons'; Silver 'Drakes'; Copper 'Scales'

Rathian coins are the standard of the Inhuman Lands of the east. They are larger than most coins but are often less pure causing them to fetch standard coin value or less. They are the preferred coin of the Orcs and Giants who border the Rathian Empire.

The Northlands - Gold 'Stars'; Silver 'Griffons'; Copper 'Bits'; and Platinum 'Dragons'

The coins used throughout much of the Northlands today are based on the currency of the Old Kingdom of Astaris, which, until its fall, covered most of the region now known as the Three Kingdoms. Each of the kingdoms in the Northlands now mint their own coins based on the Astarian model but in standard size. But there are still a good number of old Astarian coins in circulation as well. These old coins are larger and more pure than the standard ones, being based on the elven standard and command a 2:3 exchange ratio with modern coins. Old Astarian coins are also commonly used by the dwarves of the north. 

Elven Domains - Gold 'Eagles'; Silver 'Unicorns'; Bronze 'Stags'; and the Platinum 'Northstars'

Elven coins are primarily found in the great cities of the Aurensar or golden elves. They are prized outside of the elven lands for their purity and weight and often trade at a 2:3 ratio with standard coins. Bronze stags and platinum dragons are rare outside of elven lands and are highly coveted by collectors. 



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