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Calendars & Seasons

There are many ways of keeping track of the flow of time and the seasons on RootHome. But the most commonly used calendars on the continent of Erdessa are the Northlands Calendar, used by elves and men alike, and the Council Lands Calendar which is dominant in the southern half of the continent. 

Northlands Calendar 

Based on the ancient elven Star Calendar found in the heart of Elemarda, the Northlands Calendar divides the 367 day year into 18 twenty-day months with a seven day festival at the end of the year known as God's Week. The days of the week are called: 1st Morinon, 2nd Ilthinon,  3rd Caliesan, 4th Krondel, 5th Marason, 6th Orinor, and 7th Ioradis. Months are grouped according to the four seasons that are seen in the north. There are five months of Birth: Starmeld, Hammersong, Lathgeld, Stormwash, and Blumeth; Four months of Pinacle - Set, Highsun, Dewmet, and Grandess; Five months of Fall - Endess, Fireleaf, Brittlehold, Graufeld, and Stellwald; Finally are the four months of Return or Sleep - Osten, Darkendawn, Neverdrift, and Zuruck. The seven day God's Week completes the year.

Council Lands Calendar

The calendar of the council lands is based on the twelve-month system of the old Lasinian Empire. This calendar is used throughout the council territories and most of the neighboring kingdoms of the heartlands. Days in the council lands are given mundane names except the first day of the week, which is named after the Council’s patron diety Jioras. They are Jioraset, Sandaset, Reldet, Mitnos, Trinos, Camanos, and Lundaset. Months are twelve in number and of either thirty or thirty-one days. The order of the year goes; Brimas 30 days, Rohdan 31, Sanseh 30, Zenith 31, Candor 31, Durth 31, Apex 31, Olmath 30, Redrol 30, Nantes 31, Koryen 30 and Eina 31. 

Dating System

 The method for dating commonly used across Ilya is to denote the current era starting based on the date marking the end of the Dividing Wars. The year of the Great Peace after the Dividing War is marked as year 1 of the  Common Year or C.Y. The period before the Great Peace going all the way back to the year –11,873, which marks the stabilization of the world’s climate,  is referred to by sages as the Dawn Era or D.E. Earlier than that is the time when the Powers walked the world and Thanatos led the great Insurrection against the Named One. This period has been lost to history.



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