4. The Insurrection - Epic Lore

Thanatos' Rise  

In the fist millennia after the Dawn of Creation, a tragedy occurred that changed the world of Ilya forever. Thanatos, one of the Second Born eternal spirits, ascended to power and nearly destroyed the cosmos in the process. Thanatos started out as a lowly apprentice to Oran, The Lord of the Underworld. Thanatos was a fast learner and became obsessed with exploring the nature of death and its causes in the mortal realm. Thanatos eventually took on more and more responsibility from Oran, who preferred the solitude of the Underworld.

Obsessed with discovering the nature of death, Thanatos stole the Great Lore containing the will of the Named One from Io its rightful keeper. Some say the mysteries of the Great Lore were beyond his comprehension and that Thanatos' mind was shattered when he read it. Others say that he was angry at what he saw written there. But whatever happened, within its pages he learned of the power of Entropy. Thanatos gathered his disciples and allies from across Ilya and taught them the ways of entropy and death. A time of darkness soon fell upon the world as Thanatos and his servants turned many of the dragons to their cause. Soon the giants also joined their revolt against The Seven Firstborn.

The Insurrection War

One by one the earthly paradises of the gods fell to the might of Thanatos' armies or his intrigues. Fear and promise of power drove mortals to the idolatrous worship of the Dark One, as he be became known. Thanatos grew mightier in power than even the Firstborn...he soon believed himself an equal to the Named One, the Maker-of-all. He used his dominion over entropy to sever the world from its four elemental pillars, plunging the natural world into chaos. His plan nearing completion Thanatos' armies swarmed the gates of Il'Pardess, the last refuge of the Firstborn and their mortal allies.

It was then that Thanatos opened the great gate to the Nothingness. The Black Void, as it was called,  appeared in the heavens and began swallowing the stars and planets. Its force began to pull Ilya towards the dark horizon. With the Black Void swallowing the stars and the Four Elements of creation in chaos, the world of Ilya was on the verge of being undone. Yet when all hope was lost, the world quaking as it tilted towards the void, Io read aloud from the Great Lore the word στάσις ("stasis") and all creation held still. Ilya found itself spinning in stasis between the opposing forces of the Black Void and the giant red sun Aaxora.

The Battle of Dueling Gods

After the world found stasis, suspended between the sun and Void, a dual between great Powers would decide the war's outcome. A hush fell over the battlefield as the noble Caliel, Firstborn of the Seven, approached The Lord of Entropy, Thanatos the Cruel. With peaceful gaze Caliel spoke to Thanatos, "You may yet have a purpose for the world." Thanatos was enraged, "I defy you slave of the Named One." Drawing his black sword Nekros, Thanatos unleashed his fury and all the power of death on Caliel's wise visage. Caliel raised his staff, a branch from the Tree of Life, and defended himself. The Battle of Dueling Gods, raged for six days. The world of Ilya shook as Thanatos beat back Caliel, driving him up to the northern peaks.

On the bluffs of the Mountain of Kalveridan, Caliel planted his staff into the ground with a blessing and crossed his arms before his foe. "Fool!" Thanatos shrieked. "The world is mine!" And he plunged the black blade Nekros into Caliel's chest...his form fell to the earth. As Thanatos reached to pull the black sword Nekros from Caliel's chest it would not budge. He struggled for a moment but it was too late. Thanatos was trapped. He could not release his grip on the sword. Suddenly Caliel's body dissipated into falling leaves, blowing away in the wind. Then Caliel's crystalline staff began to crackle and grow. It rapidly encased the bound Thanatos in an earthly prison. It is said that the crystal tower, blackened by the hate of the trapped god, still exists on the Mountain of Kalveridan in the Northlands. 

The End of An Age

Thanatos' armies were routed while Morgardin bound his generals, The Six, in adamant chains, and buried them beneath the mighty mountains. With their work to establish a lasting paradise undone, the Seven retreated to the Eternal Realms to contemplate their failings. To free himself from his earthly prison, Thanatos' spirit released itself from his earthly form... But Caliel was waiting. Caliel said to Thanatos, "Your existence shall remind mortals of their choice between life and void." And so Caliel cast the spirits of Thanatos and his fallen allies into the Black Void, and departed the world, thus ending the Immortal Age.


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