3. Creation Legend - Elven Lore

En'Del Fey Story of Creation 

The beginnings of Ilya are cloaked in the mysteries of time; however, the legends of the dragons and elves speak of the Name from whence all things were created.

The Seven Firstborn

From the Named One, The Seven Firstborn, were brought into existence and given a place in the shaping of the world. As the Firstborn walked the world they saw that there was so much potential hidden within the mystery of existence. Each found an aspect of the creation that best fit their nature and began reveling in it, learning all that they could.

The Second Born Spirits

With their newfound discoveries, The Seven began to hunger for others to share the creation with. Their desires were not left unfulfilled. The Named One brought forth the many eternal spirits, who would come to be called the Second Born in later eras, to learn from and assist the Firstborn. Each of The Seven surrounded themselves with kindred spirits and began to teach them all they knew. These eternal spirits were faithful students, devoting themselves to the different aspects of existence as the Firstborn had done. However, they could only grasp a small portion of what the Firstborn could comprehend. It was at this time that the numerous pantheons of powers were formed.

The Mortal Realm

The Seven and the Second Born spirits were given the responsibility of teaching the mortal beings, who would soon inhabit the world. They were to teach them all of the wonders that the Named One had given them through existence. Morgardin, the World Forger, was given the task of crafting the physical forms in which the new beings would dwell. Ilythia, the Breath of Life, birthed the new beings into the physical realm. Caliel, the First of The Seven, was asked to guide the new lives and protect them on their journeys. Kronos, the Ever Changing, was given the task of moving life and shaping it. Marsara, The True, was called upon to bring joy and enrichment to life, comforting those on its journey. Oran, the Silent One, was tasked with ushering in death and completing the cycle of mortal life. Io, the Lady of Mysteries, was tasked with guiding of mortal souls to the Eternal Realm.

The Gifts of the Seven

Each of the Seven was commissioned by the Named One to chose a race of mortals and to imbue them with gifts. They were to shape them into their image and to help them understand existence. Caliel chose the elves, giving them long lives and skill in arts and magic so they could channel life and shape the world around them. Ilythia chose the Treants and Sylvian spirits to give her gifts, granting them wisdom and harmony with Nature. Morgardin chose the dwarves, giving them skill at crafting and great endurance. Oran chose the goblins, endowing them a short life span but great tenacity so they would thrive in the face of death. Io chose the dragons as her children blessing them with near eternal life and great physical capabilities, so that they would understand the glories of the mortal realm before they journey to the next. Marsara, The True, blessed her chosen, the unicorns, with the power to heal so that they could care for those in need.


Finally it came down to the last of The Seven: Kronos, declined the opportunity to choose a race opting instead to wait and see how the others fared. After seeing the other races, Kronos asked the Named One to create a new race that would embody his aspect. From this, humans were brought into existence. To the late born humans, The Named One gave no gift except the ability to thrive with the changes in the world around them…a gift which some say is the greatest of all. 


-Excerpt from “The Dawn” by Arsona Revila, Scholar of Mythology, L’Acedemie Algrondar.

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