2. A View of the Cosmos - GM Info

Cosmology of RootHome

RootHome is but one small expression of the great tapestry of the Cosmos. It is the mythical homeworld of the firstborn race known as the elves. Yet few know that on the other end of the menacing Black Void lies the world of mankind: planet earth. An even greater secret is that sacred plane known as The Well of Worlds, which connects RootHome to all other worlds that the Named One has made. Yet RootHome is caught up in the battle that has raged across the Cosmos for Eons: the Insurrection of Thanatos against the Name, from which all things were made. Thanatos and the beings that serve him work tirelessly to enslave all worlds and blot out the memory of the Paradise.

Ilya named "RootHome"

RootHome is the name given to the elven homeworld of Ilya by the humans, whom the Named One brought there at the World's Dawn. For at the Dawn of the World, the god Kronos let the Named One pick his chosen race after the birth of the chidren of the other gods: the elves, dwarves, dragons, goblins, unicorns, and treants. And so the Named One's messengers lead noble Men of every nation to the Well of Worlds and settled them in the paradises of Erdessa. Man would be the agent of change for the world of Ilya, embodying Kronos' gift as the god of time and change.

The Mortal Curse

 With the coming of Man to Ilya, the mortal Curse of Adam came with them. Ilya became more and more anchored in the mortal realm and death began to touch races who did not bear Adam's shame. Goblins were quick to become mortal, followed by the dwarves. The elves and the other races held on the the Eternal Realms with more vigor and were thus barely touched by the mortal flow of time and decay. Yet it is said that these old races resent the coming of Man and have often sought to enslave them and contain their spread. Yet after Thanatos' open rebellion, the world of Ilya was not longer the Paradise of the gods. The heavenly powers who once walked the earth, "the gods," retreated from the mortal sphere, leaving it to their now exiled children. It is now only through death that these children of the gods may reach the Eternal Realms once more.   




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