1. Overview of RootHome - Players Info

The world of Ilya, the setting for the stories of RootHome, is a large planet teeming with life. It is a place of wonder where the Powers have not long ago retreated from the mortal realm. Great civilizations of Giants, Ogres, Elves and Men hold sway across vast territories on the continent of Erdessa. But outside of the civilized realms, in the shadows and dark places of the world, a corrupting influence is at work. Long forgotten terrors awaken. In RootHome Fantasy Setting the myths of old take on reality.

A World Reawakens 
Those who know, say that our world was once the second of nine planets that revolved around a giant red star called Aaxora. Twelve millennia ago, through the efforts of a dark power, a black hole formed and tore the very fabric of space, drawing entire worlds and celestial bodies into its void. The seven outer planets were taken into the darkness but our world, Ilya, remained suspended in place...held by the force of Aaxora. The tiny green planet, Shaysel, was brought into a close orbit around Ilya, as both were spared from destruction. All except the En'Del Fey now call Shaysel a moon, and life on Ilya continues as if it were waking from a deep sleep. 
~Reldar the Astronomer and Mathematician

The Night Sky
Ilya still rotates around its equator, allowing day to reach both sides of the planet and the seasonal patterns of the world have adjusted to the slow tilting of the planet back and forth between Aaxora and the Black Void. When looking at the sky, one section is always darker even during the day. At night the Black Void menaces astrologers as new constellations are born and die annually. Only the blue hued North Star and a small collection of constellations called The Watchers remain permanent fixtures in the skies over Ilya.


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