RootHome Lore

RootHome Lore

The Cosmos is vast my friends. Worlds inhabit worlds like layers of an onion. Powers have struggled for eons for dominion over the mortal sphere. Many a tale has yet to be written. ~The Sage of Paltor


  • 1. Overview of RootHome

  • The world of Ilya, the setting for the stories of RootHome, is a large planet teeming with life. It is a place of wonder where the Powers have not long ago retreated from the mortal realm.
  • 2. A View of the Cosmos

  • RootHome is but one small expression of the great tapestry of the Cosmos. It is the mythical homeworld of the firstborn race known as the elves.
  • 3. Creation Legend

  • Wherein the Named One birthed the Seven into existence and the world of Ilya was fashioned by the gods; the children of the Seven were formed and gifts were given to mortals.
  • 4. The Insurrection

  • Wherein the Second Born, Thanatos, stole the Great Lore of the Named One and discovered entropy; The Insurrection began and the world was nigh plunged into the Black Void.
  • 5. Calendars & Time

  • The Northlands Calendar and the Council Lands Calendar are the two most prominent dating systems favored by elves and men.

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