Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is the space between all planes of existence, and coterminous with all of the planes as well.

Etherial Plane

The Ethereal Plane is coexistent with the Material Plane and borders the The Kingdom of Solace and the Crumbling Waste.

Material Plane

The Material Plane is the center of the Realm of the Gods. It is referred to as Aedryn by both its inhabitants and inhabitants of the other planes.

Shadow Plane

The Shadow Plane is a dimly lit dimension that is both coterminous to and coexistent with the Material Plane.

The Crumbling Waste

The Crumbling Waste, Hell, The Abyss, Gehenna. Just a few names used to refer to the eternal pits of suffering. The Crumbling Waste is ruled by the Deity Ixbin.

The Kingdom of Solace

The Kingdom of Solace sits above Aedryn and is home too Eeid, the god of purity.


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