History is divided into 5 distinct eras. The time of the colossals. Any event that's happened before year 0 falls into this era.

Age of the Servant

0 - 5254

The Age of the Servant is when worshipers of the colossals first began establishing nations. This time period ended in an enormous war among colossals that were believed to have been summoned to Aedryn by the differant nations.

Age of Steam

5255 - 7811

Great advances in technology were made during the Age of Steam. Nations built steam powerd trains, boats, vehicles, and air ships. They also created advanced guns and weapons of great destruction. This era was also ended by the colossals. It is believed the colossal were not happy with the technology and detroyed civilization as a result to stop its advancement. Because of this belief, very little technology exists anymore, but the land is littered with its remnants. 

Age of Magic

7812 - 9834

Not satisfied with the loss of technology, the denizens of Aedryn began to harness the power of magic to extreme levels. Although magic was a part of all ages, it was the Age of Magic that truly brought out its potential. This area saw great prosperity similar to the Age of Steam. It also saw powerful wielders of magic take on the colossal for the first time. Until the age of magic, there is no recording of a non-colossal killing a colossal. The first to fall caused both The Kingdom of Solace and The Crumbling Waste to halt and take notice. This was the first time the colossals looked to their overgods for protection. No less than a dozen colossals were destroyed by the denizens of Aedyrn before the event began. One by one, the greatest wielders of magic began to disappear. With them went the secrets they unlocked that allowed them to take down the colossal. This caused great chaos on Aedryn and in turn the first and only great war. All of the civilizations were destroyed in the great war accept for the Oni Empire. Even though it survived, it is but a shell of its former glory.

Current Age

9834 - Current

300 years after the great war, the races are beginning to re-establish nations. The humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs have all rebuilt small kingdoms. Each separated by great distances, but all at peace with each other.


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