Realm of the Gods

Realm of the Gods

Welcome to the Realm of the Gods. A place where archangels from the The Kingdom of Solace protect the skies and the denizens of The Crumbling Waste haunt the dreams of even the mightiest warrior. Realm of the Gods is like no other realm or world in existence. The mountains are taller, the oceans are deeper, the grass is greener, and the forests are more vibrant with life than any mortal world. 

Unlike most worlds, The Realms consist of three horizontal planes stacked on top of each other. At the Top is The Kingdom of Solace, ruled by archangels and their gods. In the middle is Aedryn, the realm where the mortals reign. At the bottom is the infinite realm of The Crumbling Waste. A place infested by demons, devils, and all manor of nightmare creatures.

Long before the mortal races ruled parts of Aedryn, the colossal gods waged war upon themselves across all three realms. For hundreds of Millennia the endless war amongst the colossal caused mountains to form, rivers to change course and even continents to splinter. After the 531st millennia of the ancient wars rose two deities of immense power. Once they were equals amongst the other gods, but in time their power grew in such great strength they were no longer followed by their children, but rather the other gods. As their power grew in parallel, their control over the other gods began to divide the realms into two polar factions. Establishing his dominance in The Kingdom of Solace was Eeid, The god of Purity. Ixbin, the god of the Misery, controls The Crumbling Waste. Once established, the two ended the great war. They have since become locked in an epic battle of control over the other colossals. Completely oblivious to the existence of mortals. It is this control that has allowed the orphaned mortals of the fallen gods to establish an existence on Aedryn.


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